Sunday, October 7, 2012

0 10 legal ways to get high

1 - A man in Kansas city was arrested for owning a frog, the Colorado river frog, which is a frog that has Buphotenin in it's body, which is a halucinogenous substance.This man used this frog's species, several times to collect this substance for selling and his own use.

2 - In New York, in 1998, children were found on the street smoking shit. Not that kind of  "shit". Shit in it's own meaning, poop. If they were smoking it must've some effect on them right ? haha.

3 - In the united states, some adolescents tried to get high using nuts. Yes, nuts. The use of this particular vegetable ends up in light hallucinations and the feel of hotness in your body parts. But it also does nausea, anxiety to vomit, dizziness and a very horrible hang over.

4 - In the south of france, two men went to the hospital after eating Sarpa salpa, a fish that if you eat the head you get high. One of them got high for 36 hours straight.

5 - The cheese Stilton provokes highness. After a research, 85% of the participants said they saw weird images and visions after eating it.

6 - The Brandy Salamandar, a drink produced in Slovenia, but not commercially since it's production methods are cruel to salamanders, is a cocktail of salamander substance, without it's powerful poison. The effects of this particular drink can match the effects of LSD and Ecstasy combined.

7 - On Kenya,  an alcoholic beverage, illegal, is very popular called the Changaa. Frequently it uses Gas, to give you more highness. Kenyans.

8 - One interesting drug is the Pruno, a drink that is a mixture of fruits, sugar and ketchup, widely used in prisons all over the globe. Since it's reagents are found easily on prisons.

9 - After eating psycho-active mushrooms, skimos piss on each other's mouth to get the effects reminiscent from the previous usage.

10 - I-doser, which is a sound "drug" widely used and very known in the whole world. Fact is, many people used it, or tried it, and there were no effects at all. Some got high in their sleep after getting tired of listening, some actually got high, it's a matter of luck.


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